I have known Tom Hosmer for over 30 years and I am proud to recommend Tom to my students for all their violin needs. Tom’s integrity is legendary and he will never try to sell you something that you don’t need or can’t use. String players are fortunate to have Hosmer Violins in the Syracuse metropolitan area.

Andrew Zaplaytinsky, Concertmaster emeritus Syracuse Symphony


My parents bought one of your “student” violin outfits in 1994.

I played this violin from 4th to 12th grade, participating in many different school ensembles. Once I graduated high school, I put my violin away. I focused on my other musical pursuits for several years.

My piano teacher introduced me to Music Therapy, which spoke to me. I enrolled at SUNY New Paltz and began my studies. As a Music Therapist, being a multi-instrumentalist is not only encouraged, but required.

I’ve always wanted to be a professional musician, but severe performance anxiety stopped me from reaching my potential.

One day, something inside of me said, “go pick up your violin”. So I did. I picked up my violin for the first time in 6 years. I put on Pandora and just started playing along to whatever music came on. That moment changed my life.

My violin once again became a central part of my life. It magically gave me more confidence and determination. It has become my voice, and I will never be the same.

I am now a successful working musician. I play with several bands, one of which receives regular airplay on the local radio stations. I’ve begun a side career as a studio musician, and it has been highly rewarding. I recently began teaching violin lessons! I love it.

Within the past 5 years, as I’ve grown and matured as a musician and a person, I’ve realized just how special my instrument is. I’ve received numerous compliments in regards to the sound of this so called student violin. It is of such higher quality than the average student violin. I feel truly blessed that my parents went to you all those years ago.

I’m sorry for such a long email! I felt compelled to tell you my story. Recently, a woman asked about my entire setup, and I was proud to tell her that I play a Hosmer violin. To be a professional violinist still playing the same violin from childhood is amazing! It sounds just as good as other more expensive violins I’ve heard. Everyone is shocked when I tell them this violin cost less than $600!

I owe everything to you and my wonderful teachers. I will forever be grateful for your attention to detail, dedication to your craft, and genuine desire to provide quality instruments to musicians of all skill levels.

So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

Marianne Tasick


If you want a bridge that really fits, if want astute appraisals, if you want advice about how to not crack an old instrument in the winter, if you want someone who only gives qualified opinions and who won’t be drawn into speculative discussions, this is your man!

Lindsay Groves  Principal cello Symphoria Syracuse


Thanks for the time you spent with Nia yesterday as she chose her violin. She’s pretty excited about having her own instrument and I think you made quite an impression–it’s wonderful that you take the time to instill in young players the importance of caring for their instruments. In fact, simply watching you handle the instrument and being in your shop is influential–the whole experience communicates a great deal of respect for string instruments. As we left Nia told me I had to drive carefully–she didn’t want her new violin to get bounced around!

Thanks, Kim Waale


Once upon a time, a young mother had a daughter who fell in love with playing a violin. She took her to Mr. Hosmer at Hosmer violins, where he showed her different violins and she was able to pick her prize. This violin brought her through high school, then a double major in music and psychology. She spent time in Ireland through college and played every Thursday at the Barney Stone Castle. As time passed, this daughter also became a nurse where she brought her violin into a 90 year old Irish woman’s room to lift her spirits with skill she learned while in Ireland. Christine is now playing with the Yale Medical Symphony and will continue to cherish the prize she sought those years ago with Hosmer violins.


A second daughter also shared the passion for violin, and again, Mr. Hosmer helped Erin choose her love. Their relationship brought Erin to Fredonia where she is currently a senior in their music industry program with travel planned to Nashville for an internship with SONY. Erin also plays with the Warren Philharmonic offering continued magic on those strings.


Moral of the story. Thanks and gratitude to Hosmer Violins; just love what you do. Hosmer violins has helped show both these lovely ladies a passion that will last their lives. Their mother and father are proud beyond this galaxy and have loved every minute watching their journey.


Thank you so much Mr. Hosmer-

Love- The House of Fitzgerald