We appraise instruments and bows for insurance and estate purposes. Since a written appraisal is a legal document, there is a fee; however, it is a set fee not based on the value of the instrument or bow. Photographs are available. Updates of appraisals made by us are charged a nominal fee only. Appraisals of instruments or bows that we have sold are provided at at no charge.

The value of an instrument or bow is determined by the following factors:

•Who made it (or what school of luthierie)

•Where and when it was made

•The quality of its materials, varnish, and workmanship

•Its condition

Because playing characteristics and sound are subjective, they have little place in an appraisal; however it is just these characteristics that often determine what one is willing to pay for an instrument.

We do not appraise the work of living master makers. They alone determine the value of their creations.