Some ask, “What makes your student instruments different from similar instruments sold by various music stores and mail order houses?”

We take student instruments and bows very seriously, and we are particular about the quality of what we sell. In addition, we take the time to adjust our instruments, no matter how inexpensive, to a level where a professional player would find them acceptable.

Every instrument has:

•Its fingerboard planed with edges rounded for comfort

•Its neck sanded, stained, and treated with a penetrating finish

•Its nut reshaped with proper string spacing and height

•A soundpost that fits

•A high quality French or German bridge

•Pegs that work

•A Wittner tuner tailpiece (when appropriate)

Thomastik Dominant or other quality strings round out the set up. The Bobelock case is plywood and plush lined with an attached cover, and the fiberglass, carbon-fiber, or wood bow is selected for weight and stiffness. This obviously takes longer than the very short time allotted to each violin, viola, or cello by many wholesale houses. We do this because we care, and we hope that you care enough to deal with us. All properly maintained entry-level instruments may be traded at 100% of their original price toward a significantly higher priced instrument. (Cases and entry-level bows are accepted for trade as well, but at a reduced rate.)  For a more detailed treatise on setup, follow this link.